2016 Spring Seasonal Forecasting Report – Out Now!

2016 Spring Seasonal Report

During 2016 South East Local Land Services, in conjunction with Tablelands Farming Systems and Monaro
Farming Systems established a network of soil moisture probes across the Southern Tablelands. As part of
this network nine moisture probes have been strategically positioned across the landscape to gather realtime
information on what’s happening to soil moisture under our pastures.

Moisture probes have been installed at the following locations:
– Boorowa
– Bigga
– Laggan
– Bannister
– Gunning
– Lake Bathurst
– Braidwood
– Cooma.

Soil moisture information is provided in real-time, with measurements taken at 10 cm increments down to
a depth of 1 m. Soil temperature is also recorded every 10 cm. Each site also features an automatic rain
gauge which records rainfall on an hourly basis.

One of the major benefits of collecting soil moisture data is it gives us an indication of how much moisture
we have in the profile at any given time – i.e. is the ‘bucket’ full, half full or almost empty? Having some
understanding of current soil moisture provides an extra piece of valuable information which can be used
to increase your confidence with decision making at critical stages of the season


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